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Wish List April 2013

Personal Posted on Mon, April 15, 2013 12:38:11

My Wish List April 2013 (left to right):
– The Big C on DVD + to watch Season 4 soon
– Sun protection
– Loose oversize t-shirt to sleep in
– A holiday in the sun (shade…) with my husband
– Some new soft bras
– Shoes for spring/summer
– Practical bag with an iPad 😛

Normally I always want to go on holiday to a city location and actually do things and see things. But my husband and I really just want to go on a relaxing holiday this year (if we can). We’ve been so busy with work related projects – well we still are – and just need some time not doing much and just enjoying life.

I also want a trip to Sweden to see my family and friends.

No more rain

Personal Posted on Wed, February 27, 2013 17:40:12

This week’s Thursday theme is “Night” which I though was very suitable for this week because the sun had made no appearance until today! Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all really dark, grey and rainy. The darkness made daytime feel like night.

But today the sun showed up and the sky was blue! Wonderful! Come on spring…

The 10 items I can’t live without in my…

Personal Posted on Fri, February 01, 2013 12:30:45

I stumbled across this list on Pinterest and decided to fill it out.

The 10 items I can’t live without in my…

Beauty cabinet: Moisturizer.

Purse: Lip balm and hand sanitizer.

Kitchen: Kettle. Just got a new one!

iTunes: Don’t really like iTunes… But do like the search
function so I’ll pick that.

Closet: My growing collection of pretty Happy Socks. They
really do make you happy!

Library: I love books! Can’t choose… Baking books, design
books & favourite novels.

Bookmarks: I’m a serious bookmarker. I’ll go for Pinterest’s
“Pin It” that I probably use the most.

Home: All my gorgeous kitchen things. Retro and plastic,

Office: I’ve got an ugly free wall calendar on my desk in
front of the computer screen that I don’t really like but it’s practical. Since
I see it all the time I rarely forget things.